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So far sew good............


Perfect! This is exactly what I was after for an informal handbag.

I love Saffron Grove bags!

Love my bag my epi-pens fit perfectly all my friends were jealous!

These bags looked so perfect for what I was after, 

that I bought several.

As always - fabulous!

I absolutely love the rich fabrics in my bag, thank you so much.

The bag has arrived today - thank you so much, it's gorgeous!

I am thrilled.

"Wow!!!!! The bag is stunning Rachel! Thank you so much."

"My wife looks gorgeous in hers and has many jealous friends and colleagues!"

  "Lovely bag, love the design" 

"Make more, make more, make more!" 

"Lovely fabrics. All those buttons!"

"My colleagues will all want one!" 

"I have one of your lovely cushions in my retro 1959 restored Starliner caravan in New Zealand" 

"I really love your bags"

"Thanks so much for the gorgeous bag, my sister will love it!"