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Sorry about the lack of dog walking bags, more are coming…


Colour is so important to me. I see colour in every aspect of my life, from the rolling waves to the tall chimneys of the Cornish engine houses. Fabric is also up there in my top 10 of things to surround myself. Preferably rich, luxurious embroidered fabric. I search them out in every way I can, sometimes to up cycle an impressive frock coat, or simply use a remnant that didn’t make it to a chaise longue. These thick upholstery fabrics give my bags some stability and a luxurious quality and of course, each and every one is different.


All my bags are handmade in my sewing room. I am lucky to live in a beautiful part of Cornwall in the back of beyond. It is peaceful, it is quiet and every time I look out of my window, I am inspired by the back drop of the Cornish countryside. I hope you enjoy my emporium of bags, I certainly love to make them.



The quality, design, attention to detail and the practicality of the bag are great. Just what I wanted, I don’t go anywhere without it!
— Alison
This bag is gorgeous, lovely materials, so many different patterns and textures. I love the bright colours in the fabrics and I am now using my bag for work. This is my second purchase from this wonderful shop. Excellent service, thank you Rachel.
— Diane

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Colour of the month…

This month’s colour is Purple.

Purple stands for luxury, power, sophistication, creativity, wealth, nostalgia and originality.

Purple makes me think of royalty, velvet and one of the great Quality Street chocolates.

Famous purple brands - Cadburys, Hallmark, Milka, Yahoo and Wonka. Interesting that 3 of those are for chocolate!