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From designs to products


My design usually starts with a problem that needs solving.  Who needs these bags, why and what will they carry in it?  Should it be big enough to fit everything they (and all around) carry, or tiny,

just for the essentials?

It turns out all of the above.  Some love a roomy bag to sling your stuff in, others prefer neat and organised.

About Our Leather
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Then comes the fun part.  I source colourful fabrics from everywhere, sometimes by the metre, sometimes just a remnant, but each piece has to be glorious, rich and maybe a little bit quirky too.


Each handmade bag takes me around 3 hours to construct, I add interfacing, reinforce the strap stitching and add pockets, so its durable, strong and functional.



I have been making bags for over 7 years now and I am lucky to live in a beautiful part of the UK, Cornwall.  

I am also blessed with having an understanding husband, a tolerant son and a cat (who possibly doesn't care what I do!).

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